Project 366 – Days 8 – 14

Wow, another week over! This one has been trickier. Not due to lack of interesting content to shoot, or no where to go, but due to my emotional state and not having the energy or WANT to photograph anything.

I was put on notice of redundancy last week and this week has been stressful and emotionally draining. All I’ve wanted to do was sleep. Nonetheless, I have managed to shoot at least something once a day!

In terms of progressing my photography I have found that I really enjoy black and white photography. Although it’s not really reflected in my …


Project 366 – Days 1 – 7

I recently started a Project 365, or rather a Project 366 seeing as there’s 366 days this year, with the view in mind of improving my photography skills.

I’m one week in and so far I’m enjoying myself, the boredom of repetition is yet to rear it’s head and I’m not running out of material which is good, but I can see myself getting bored quickly if I don’t make set myself some weekly themes.

I came across a website called Tookapic which is basically a website where people upload their Project 365’s. It’s awesome. I’m big on gamifying things …

Day out in Durham

This weekend I went to one of the most beautiful cities in the North East, Durham. Considering I’ve lived up this way for 4 years, I’ve never once been for a walk around, or even to visit anything specifically.…

Day 2/366

Today was a pretty good day in terms of finding things to photograph. We had a beautiful sunset and some awesome snow earlier on in the day. That said, I didn’t get many good shots but that comes with still learning to use the camera and finding that I had set weird settings when having a play before.

I realised my mistake though when I went to our local pet shop, Pet Mania, to get some live food for our leopard gecko Borisina. I took some shots of the Chinese Water Dragons that were there, so decided to submit two …

Most people have never learned that one of the main aims in life is to enjoy it.

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Day out in Durham

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